It’s been a while since my last post. A lot has been happening as you might imagine. I’ve had two start up businesses approach me to create products, namely soaps and skincare items with locally produced raw materials. This is a project after my own heart as I do get quite a buzz working with West Australian producers. This complements work that I do at the markets nearby.

Talking of markets, many of you will have realised that I now focus only on doing three markets a month (The Bunbury Markets & Boyanup Farmers Market). Due to the unpredictability of the June winter weather you may also find a few cancelled events like the one this Saturday for The Bunbury Markets. All the more time for me to continue making and creating I say.

This cold weather has given me the opportunity to make some beanies and mittens that was in my to-do list for a while. A dear friend had given me her stash of pure woollen felted garments and together with my own collection, it was sitting in my cupboard waiting for an opportune time. I have finally been able to use these recycled and upcycled woollens (another activity that sits well with my life’s philosophy of less waste ) and have even featured them online for a change.

Weaving and spinning will continue in this season. I have managed to complete two handwoven scarves on my back-strap loom and they are now uploaded to my online store. I must be getting more organised! While I love my back-strap loom, I was pretty excited to come across a vintage table loom selling for a song. I have no experience with these type of looms but I now intend to learn. I have to! The person who I bought it from restored it lovingly with the intention of using it but never got around to it. So it sat for two years before she decided to part with it. Hopefully that will not be my story.

Last month I had the opportunity to meet the alpacas George, Mildred and their offspring. Their owners Tom and Jane have been very kindly giving me their fleece as well as some lovely merino wool. I now have more fleece than my little shed has space. It is incredible how long it takes to spin up one bag of this lovely local resource! I may have to start looking out for other spinners to offload some of this stash.

One new product online this month is my Natural Deodorant Spray. It took over two years to get the formulation right. I have had some great feedback from customers who bought it at the markets and I hope you can also avail of it.

Finally! It is free postage for all orders over $60 Australia wide for a limited time. If you have friends who would like to order from my store, why not avail of this by combining your order? I know of some customers who are already doing this and I think it is a great idea.

Happy and warm winter! (and a lovely summer to all of you in the Northern Hemisphere ).