Natural Deodorant Spray 100ml in a glass jar.

Refresh & deodorise naturally without the use of harsh chemicals.

This deodorant spray came about after over two years of trial and development following a request from my super-sensitive in the under-arm husband. Although my deodorant paste worked wonderfully well for him, he stated it was too much of a commitment to open the jar, scoop with his fingertip AND apply all over his underarm.  A spray had to be the best option.

So, here is the result. A West Australian produced natural underarm deodorant spray that is aluminium and soda bicarbonate free.

Thoughtfully crafted with witch hazel, magnesium, jojoba and essential oils of cedarwood, rosewood, bergamot, sweet orange and geranium essential oils.

The essential oils combine to make a nice woody perfume. Some customers use it as a body spray due to this.

Suitable for all skin types.