It is now established. No more markets for the foreseeable future until this current crisis is over. So where does this leave me and my business? I’ve had the luxury of free time to mull this over. Suffice to say that I am in a place of quiet rest and creativity.

The cash flow has slowed down for sure and instead of the usual bustling customer interactions at my weekly markets, I now have weekends free. The weekdays have also ceased to feel less frantic. Practically speaking I can now start on the projects that I’ve always thought about or put in the “do it some day” basket. I’ve already been able to stock up on those slow hand-dipped candles that I wasn’t having the time to make. I’ve completed a few luscious pieces of eco-dyed eucalyptus print garments, scarves and shawls, savouring the process, making use of the leaves collected weeks ago and not rushing to complete the task. And yes, I have begun spinning with the aim of having more yarn to weave my special back strap scarves.

So, I may not be at the markets but I am building on stock to make available through my online store. And this brings me next to the topic of online presence. I have to admit that one of the most challenging aspects of being a sole trader engaged in weekly markets and running an online presence has been to find the time to devote to keeping it current and my products comprehensively listed. I believe I’m now in just the right season to focus on this aspect and I feel all the more satisfied for it. So, you can now expect more blogging and updates from my end to keep you informed and aware of the provenance of products that you choose to buy from me. I hope to gradually feature the garments that I am working on including my special up cycled linen pinafore aprons.

So, to sign off, let me remind you that all my regular markets are now on hold. The two stores that stock some of my products namely Eco Warehouse in Bunbury and Vasse (Gull) Store at Vasse are still open for business. I now offer free delivery to Bunbury and surrounding areas as well as free postage Australia wide for orders of $50 and above which I hope you can take advantage of. As always, I welcome you to contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

I wish you peace and contentment amidst the turmoil around us. Stay well!