Neem Herbal Soap


Natural- Vegan- Gentle- Handcrafted

Thoughtfully crafted with WA grown & produced extra – virgin olive oil, lye, neem powder, coconut oil, castor oil & pure essential oils.

Antibacterial & antifungal soap making use of the time tested benefits of Neem leaves.


All my soaps are made from the time honoured cold-process method. Extra-virgin olive oil sourced from Donnybrook in Western Australia is the main base oil. I also use vegetable oils such as coconut, rice-bran, castor, sweet almond, jojoba, avocado, macadamia and these are added according to specific recipes. Only natural plant extracts and essential oils are used for fragrance and colour.
I use a wide array of soap recipes and handmilled soap processes. I prefer not to stick to one standard recipe for all my soaps but love using different combinations of oils & butters, botanicals and essential oils. What you get in the end are soaps with their own unique character, without compromising on skin and environment friendly factors. My special soap recipes also influence whether you get a hard or a soft soap – with the cleansing, moisturising, lathering properties and benefits of the base and essential oils.
My Castile Soaps are made from 100% extra-virgin olive oil. I follow the more traditional route of soapmakers of the past to provide you a Castile soap that has always been well-known for its mild cleansing and moisturising properties.
In order to get the best use of these handcrafted soaps, rub onto a wash cloth or a loofah before using on the skin. Avoid sitting the soap in water and drain well after use.

Beautiful soaps, longlasting and great quality. Best I’ve come across.


Sharon G, WA

Bought your soaps from Stirling st art market and love them. Beautiful scent and, surprisingly, they last a long time.

Justine, Bunbury.

I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with your beautiful soaps. I suffer from Psoriasis and Dermatitis and up until using your products, anything else I have used has aggravated my skin. … really have made a gorgeous product that actually my whole family LOVE using.

Jillian Maher, Victoria

Marina’s natural olive oil soap really helped clear up a nasty rash my two year old son had and now the whole family loves it especially the teenagers as it has worked wonders on their spot prone skin.

Emma Moran WA

This is the best soap because it is gentle and it doesn’t strip the natural oils from your skin.

Katie Moran (16 years) WA

I’ve had a problem with a dry, flaky scalp for as long as I can remember.I’ve used just about every available shampoo from moderately priced to very expensive brands. All to no avail until now. I now use Marina’s soap to do a first “shampoo”and then use a mild shampoo to follow.this worked very well and I now have no major problems in this area, thanks to the use of the soap.

Suzanne Hobby, Bunbury, WA

I would just like to say that I have used these soaps
for quite some time and have found that they are one of
best there is . With the use of the Extra Virgin
Olive oil and the essential oils makes for a complete gentle
smooth feel to my face and body.

Pat Waddell, WA

Additional information

Weight.105 kg
Dimensions70 × 50 × 50 mm


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