If you’re just passing through, you might wish to know about some of the unique items in my stall.

Check out my naturally printed eco-dyed eri silk scarves and shawls. I’m able to source this special silk directly from the village level producers in Nagaland in the north-east of India where I originally come from. Creating unique botanical prints with eucalyptus leaves on this precious cloth is a creative outlet that is one of the important marks of my small business. Alongside these scarves, are eco-dyed upcycled garments, that have proved to be great sellers. They are one-off pieces in linen, cotton, wool, and silk according to the season. You’ll find these only at the stall as I encourage my customers to try before they buy.

Ever since India Flint coined the term eco-dyeing with the introduction to a new approach in making contact prints with leaves on cloth, this dyeing practice has become very popular in the crafting and artistic community. I’m proud to be combining her knowledge and working with eri silk which is close to my heart and heritage.

There’s another product that you won’t easily find elsewhere – my upcycled pinafore aprons. These are time consuming to create but very satisfying to produce.

I don’t feature them very often as I have other items that need my attention. Soaps anyone? Natural skincare? No wonder some customers know my stall as the natural handmade variety store!