My 2021 start hasn’t gone according to plan!
January was meant to be my break and a month for rest it but ended up being exceptionally busy due to family commitments and obligations. I barely had time to make and restock items that had run out or were running low. So come February and I’m still catching up.

I was scheduled to have my first market this year at The Bunbury Markets. But we ended up with a week of hard lock down and everything had to be cancelled.

After weeks and weeks of temperature in the mid to high 30’s, the temperature has now plummeted into the low 20’s with rain and strong winds. So Busselton Foreshore Markets also had to be cancelled today.

One thing I did do during the lockdown was to get out my sewing machine and get sewing. We needed face masks urgently so out came the bits of fabric stored away. Getting the right pattern and sewing the masks kept me occupied for an entire day or two. While still at it, I was able to revisit my unfinished repurposed linen pinafore apron projects. Completed one and there’s another ready to go. I have say this is truly a labour of love. So time consuming with all the unpicking of garments and putting it together into just the right pinafore pattern. Plus not wanting to create unnecessary waste of material has meant trying to get the best possible use of every bit of the linen fabric.

In the midst of all this, I haven’t stopped mailing out online orders. The shops that stock my items, currently Harvey Visitors Centre, Eco Warehouse and Vasse General Store have continued to be busy on my behalf and so I’m happy that most of my customers haven’t had to miss out during my market absence.

 School starts again tomorrow. And with that all the scheduled activities for the year. So I guess it’s back to routine again.

Time to get going. More soaps to make, Catch you next time.