It’s been a very hot few weeks leading up to Christmas 2019. Instead of sitting around trying to get cool, I’ve kept busy keeping stocks up and running. My regular markets have seen an upsurge in sales as it normally does during this season. Having an outlet like  EcoWarehouse  selling many of my items has meant that I’m running out of my supplies a lot quicker. In a week, it will be holiday time for the family and I. This means having to crank up on replenishing my depleting soap supplies, especially important since they need at least 12 weeks curing time.

Bestsellers for this month have been my natural insect repellent lotions and sprays. No surprise here with the increased daytime activity of flies. Added bonus has been the word of mouth referral from satisfied customers to the point that I ran out of them in my last market at the Busselton foreshore.

A steady refrain from customers has been how they find my soaps a lot harder than many other natural handmade ones. Some say mine are the best that they’ve tried. I consider this one of the highest compliments given that I’m one amongst many in the competitive market of handmade soaps. My motto is to keep it small and steady without resorting to gimmicks and never compromising on quality.

Amidst all my regular activities, I have been very excited to harvest woad leaves growing nice and healthily in my Bunbury garden. Indigo is a dye that has always fascinated me. I’m not sure whether it is partly due to the fact that indigo was grown and harvested by my Lotha Naga ancestors and featured as one of primary colours in their woven shawls and surums (sarongs). For the past few years I’ve been experimenting growing both Japanese indigo as well as woad. Seeds saved from the first season’s growth has ensured a steady supply of plants. This is one of my creative outlets and a work in progress. Ultimately, my plan is to have indigo dyed silks and other natural fabric and yarn to work with and make available for mu customers. So watch this space.

Finally, I take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thanks for your support and goodwill. I look forward to continuing this small business of mine supplying goods of quality and worth for many more years to come.