I’ve mentioned this before and I say it again. Autumn is one of the best seasons! Being in Western Australia, I have started to value the six seasons rather than the familiar four, that our Aboriginal community attribute to the year. It makes so much practical sense as a gardener. As a result, I can start sowing and pottering around in preparation for winter growth and produce around April instead of March.

In between keeping up to date with stock, I have been installing the raised garden boundaries that friends very kindly passed on to us.  I do love recycling and reusing! So out they have come and just in perfect weather to add some definition to the current garden bed. Before that I made sure to get some seeds sown into my pre-made seed raising mix from months ago. While I wait for the seeds to sprout, I shall continue to organise the beds and also make use of the sheep fleece that I have been collecting over time deemed unsuitable for spinning, the daggier the better. Oh, the satisfaction of making use of these resources that could have been simply discarded. The fleece will function to mulch and condition the soil. I’ve been doing some reading about fleece as mulch and was very happy with the findings. It is even supposed to repel snails and slugs! That would be just perfect for me if that is really the case.