handwoven silk scarfcoptic bound bookwrist warmersweaving on a back strap loomeri scarfbeeswax candles

There are probably as many definitions as there are proponents of “handmade”.

What constitutes as handmade for me are these main elements :

using raw materials that can be accessed locally,

creating items with my hands which may or may not manipulate tools and machinery,

items that are not mass-produced but individually created,

which may take very long to make,

for which a major part of my remuneration is not necessarily based on the hours and hours spent,

but on the joy, satisfaction and pleasure of creating it,

using traditional techniques and methods that have fallen by the wayside due to mass-production,

producing items of quality that is meant to be with you for a long time to come (except for consumables like food and healthcare products)

being as aware as I possibly can about the provenance of materials that I use,

so I’m able to discern and tread wisely, gently and simply.