August is a quiet month for me as far as market attendance. If you’ve checked the monthly calendar you’ll note that I will only be at the Boyanup Farmers Market on the fourth Sunday this month.

I’m enjoying my break and making a list of all the tasks that I hope to accomplish including writing this blog post.

Eco Warehouse Bunbury shut shop last month after the past few years of hard slog. I’m grateful for the opportunity that I was given by Mike and Natalie to showcase my products. Through their store I was able to build up of a customer base beyond my markets. Via my website and online shop, I am now in a position to continue providing for these loyal customers with the convenience of free local deliveries.

One door has closed but another just opened. A few weeks ago at the Boyanup Farmers Market, Suzanne the owner of House of Perri in Donnybrook dropped by my stall and purchased some bars of soap. She expressed her interest in stocking some of my eco-print garments. A week and a phone call later a deal was done.

I’m pleased to announce that customers can now purchase my range of natural olive oil soaps as well eco-dyed upcycled clothes from the House of Perri right on the main drag of Donnybrook town. This little store has a great selection women’s garments in linen, wool and other natural fabrics for sizes 12 and over. The range of eco-printed garments that I delivered this morning complements Suzanne’s current collection very nicely.

Although I had plans to feature my eco-dyed garments through my online shop I eventually decided against it. Words and images of a garment isn’t really enough to allow for a buyer to make an informed choice. I also don’t run a mass production line to warrant sales and returns of garments.

So if you happen to be in Donnybrook you can now visit House of Perri and check out some of the quality clothing and unique pieces available in store.