My free postage deal for purchases of $50 and over has been working a treat for many. After some thought, I have decided to keep this on for at least until the end of the year. It is something I intend to review as time goes on. Along with my customers, I have also benefited from increased sales albeit with a percentage of the profits being used for the free postage deal. However, because I am directly dealing with you as a maker, there are no retail deductions that I need to worry about aside from my online costs and surcharges. So, in short I am happy to pass on some of the benefits that I am able to enjoy to all you supporters of my small handmade business, around the country.

Markets have gone back to normal frequency and I am back at all my regular ones. I’ve noticed an increase in attendance and sales at the markets. All very good news for us. However, for a one person band as myself(with hubby chipping in to do the chilli sauces, keeping him on his toes due to their increasing popularity!) I am again faced with the challenges of keeping everything in balance. I’ve been toying with the idea of dropping the frequency of market attendance from 5 to 3 a month. It is an attractive proposition as I tell myself it will free me up to continue creating the time consuming items that I enjoy but have been neglecting. Having my online shop does make a difference and I may have to revisit this possibility in 2021.

Some of you have emailed me with lovely feedback about my products. You are welcome to put a review on the item page if you wish to. In the meantime I aim to collate some of the feedback for the benefit of other prospective customers.

I had a customer order soap as wedding favours some months ago to be picked up next month before her big day. It’s been fun putting them together in special wrapping paper for that celebratory touch. Well, that’s just another idea on how to keep me busy:) I’m still catching up on other large orders and suffice to say that your wait is nearly over.

Roses are one of my favourites and what better way to usher in spring with my new product – hydrating rose mist 

I’ve been using this as part of my skincare regimen and love what it does for my skin.

Aside from the rose, sandalwood is another that I have a great affinity for. So, I am very pleased to announce that I can now source West Australian grown and produced Sandalwood Album powder that forms part of my natural cleansing mask

This is all for now and I hope I can continue to be touch through this forum sooner than later! Thanks for being part of my small business journey.