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Natural Olive Oil Balms DRY SKIN CARE


OLIVE OIL BALMS   For face & body

Suitable for dry skin. Use as a moisturizer, body butter, lip balm, hair wax….

   ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Crafted with extra-virgin olive oil grown and produced in  Western Australia as the main base ingredient along with pure local beeswax containing remnants of healing honey.

This all natural pure skincare comes to you in a stainless steel container which you can further use or return when empty.


NATURAL OLIVE OIL SKINCARE RANGE     from  handmade-and-marina

 Thoughtfully handcrafted using local Australian extra-virgin olive oil as the main ingredient along with skin-friendly essential oils, butters & waxes.


I’m 81 years old and have been using the “All Purpose Balm” for 4 years now. It keeps my face moist and helps my wrinkles and I haven’t had to use anything else.

Marilyn Hintz WA

I absolutely love these products and am sure my friends in the UK will too. I am bound to order again when I next visit or even get to visit your stall. My skin remained so soft after using the balm and the fragrances are natural and beautiful and stay with you for hours. I will be purchasing this item again as its far more superior to similar I have tried at home in England .

Di (UK)

Additional information

Weight0.150 kg
Dimensions50 × 50 × 50 mm

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