This Liquid Castile Soap (100% olive oil based liquid soap) is part of my natural olive oil skincare range. The liquid soap concentrate has been carefully crafted with local south-west WA grown and produced extra-virgin olive oil combined with lye. Note that unlike other Castile liquid soap available, this liquid soap contains only the purest of extra virgin olive oil without any other filler oils such as coconut oil, canola oil and so on, making it the best choice for people wanting the best.

This traditional Liquid Soap is the most versatile of liquid soaps known for its pure, gentle and low foaming qualities. It is suitable for skincare, haircare as well as an important ingredient in recipes for your own eco-friendly house cleaning products and sprays. It is grey-water friendly. Suitable for all skin types. Can be used diluted to make a gentle baby wash. You can also create your own hand and body wash custom made with essential oils.

NOTE: The 200ml and 500ml are available in glass bottles. However,  for orders mailed via the post, I may have to resort to plastic bottles to avoid any possible damage during transit.

Please also be aware that fluctuating cold weather conditions can make the liquid soap turn cloudy or opaque. This has no negative effect on the soap and its usage. Gently re-heating the soap will revert it to its amber state.