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  • Natural Deodorant Salve 60g in a stainless steel container.Refresh & deodorise naturally without the use of harsh chemicals.This deodorant salve contains West Australian produced extra-virgin olive oil, magnesium hydroxide and pure beeswax. French white clay and a special signature blend of skin friendly essential oils completes the job of keeping you underarm odour free for upto 8 hours or more.Gentle on your skin. Suitable for all skin types.  
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    Precious Powders from Nature (25g) Thoughtfully handcrafted with Green French Clay, Sandalwood Powder (Santalum album), Neem Leaf Powder ( Azadirachta indica) & Moringa Leaf Powder (Moringa oleifera).
    Green French Clay draws out dirt, dust, oil, makeup & impurities and tightens pores. Sandalwood Powder tones, exfoliates, heals and is antibacterial, antiseptic & anti inflammatory. Neem Leaf Powder is a powerful antibacterial agent and aids acne sufferers and helps treat other skin infections plus moisturizes dry skin. Moringa Leaf Powder nourishes, tones, revitalizes & detoxifies skin. These herbal powders are also renowned for their anti-aging properties.Packaged in a reusable and recyclable lightweight aluminium container.SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES
  • A natural sunscreen alternative to the chemical - laden ones available commercially. This is a natural olive oil lotion with zinc oxide for sun protection. Suitable for face and body, this formula is non-greasy and can also be a base for your own sun screen mixed with a favourite moisturiser or skincare product .
  • Just a few drops to ….. Shave ---Moisturise---Condition----SootheWet face, apply few drops on palm, rub on face & shave. Moisturise skin with a few drops or condition your hair.
  • Handcrafted with Extra virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Pure unfiltered Beeswax,Essential oils of Peppermint, Patchouli, Lavender & Orange.Rub bar on body part to be massaged. Allow body heat to soften the bar and spread the oils on the skin.  Massage as required.                                            Also suitable as a moisturising lotion & balm bar
  • OLIVE OIL BALMS   For face & body Suitable for dry skin. Use as a moisturizer, body butter, lip balm, hair wax….   ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Crafted with extra-virgin olive oil grown and produced in  Western Australia as the main base ingredient along with pure local beeswax containing remnants of healing honey. This all natural pure skincare comes to you in a stainless steel container which you can further use or return when empty.
  • These range of  lotions have been formulated with local Australian extra-virgin olive oil as one of the base ingredients. They are suited for all skin-types including delicate and sensitive skins. Only pure and natural skin friendly oils and essential oils have been used. All my skin care products have been crafted with care in small batches. The repellent lotion apart from being an effective natural insect deterrent, has a blend of essential oils that alleviate psoriasis like conditions.