Can you believe it’s the end of 2018 already? I’ve been having a great break catching up on a number of unfinished projects including my blog update. Time flies when you are having fun. It’s summer here in the southern hemisphere and as we brace ourselves for another hot Christmas day (something that those of you in the snow can’t get your head around, I know), I am going to take this break to give you a quick update.

My handmade business has shown a steady growth this year and even though I have dropped a few markets and stuck to just a few half day markets, my sales have  shown an increase! This brings me to the decision that I’ve made regarding my market presence. I’ve decided to skip full day markets and travel no further than 1 hour from where I live. This means that you will find me at a few select locations around where I live and at these half day established markets.

Being a hand-crafter with an online presence and selling through local markets is a different ball game to being a mere retail outlet. Focus on quality as opposed to quantity has meant a slower pace of making, producing smaller amounts and diversifying my product range. It also involves having enough time in the day to plan and create while juggling a peaceful family existence. You can be assured that what I make available to you comes when I’m at my peaceful best rather than chaotic unrest!

I started my business with making and selling soaps nearly eighteen years ago. As I went along, I added products that meant something important to me, my family, heritage and background. You will now find a range of skincare products, beeswax items, natural fibres & cloth, condiments, handwoven scarves amidst my expanding line of handcrafted items.

It would be simple to say that all the items that I now sell have significance – from the chilli sauces that contain Naga chillis (being of a Lotha Naga backgound) to the face mask that I recently formulated (necessary for my aging skin as well as my teenage daughter’s evolving one). These and all the other items are a part of our every day existence and so have been tried and tested many times over. If it’s something that cannot be used by my family and myself, then I know not to waste my time making it.

This past year has also seen a great response to my natural dyed, plant printed garments and shawls. It has been an immense joy to use recycled linens and silks and create one off pieces for customers to admire and use. Contrary to my earlier plans, I haven’t been able to showcase these garments online. No sooner do I have them prepared to upload onto my site that they get sold through the markets. I’ve also figured that you really need to feel a garment as well as to try it on in order for it do full justice to you and your needs. So sorry folks, if you wish to buy any of my eco-dyed pieces you’ll have to visit me at one of my markets.

This year I’ve also finally been able to add liquid soap to my product line. This has been long time coming and after much research and planning, I’ve come up with a pure Olive oil Castile Liquid Soap. Like my cold processed soap bars, I’ve used local extra-virgin olive oil and have not added any other oils like most Castile liquid soaps available, giving you a liquid soap in the true sense of the word with all its valued properties.

Weaving is what I also fit in occasionally to my schedule. Having been commissioned a few pieces, it’s been a therapeutic opportunity to use local yarn or ones dyed with natural plant colours that I’ve enjoyed creating.

On that note, let me conclude by saying that I continue to look forward to bringing you “handmade-and-marina” and all that it stands for in this coming new year and the years to come….

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Thanks for your interest, support & custom.