It’s Autumn here already in this corner of Australia and I’ve got a number of gardening projects that I’m hanging out to get started on! The rush to start planting out winter vegetable seedlings might be a bit premature though as there are a few more 30’C days ahead of us. Last Sunday’s seedling purchase from Didi at the Boyanup Farmers Market certainly needed some makeshift shade-cloth protection before the hot sun withered most of them away.

In the meantime, I’ve also been plugging away keeping up with stocks. Curing on the racks are my rosemary & pine shampoo-body soap, cocoa butter shampoo-body bars, lavender soap and bush scents soap. The long awaited orange lavender-turmeric soaps should be available in the next few weeks. Making small batches of my soaps along with the 12 week curing period often means a longer waiting period. That’s a small price to pay for quality and I’m happy to keep it this way.

It’s been exciting to have Eco Warehouse in Bunbury stock some of my items. Currently you will find some of my soaps, lotions, balms, teas and a few more items to be added gradually. I’ve been impressed with owners Michael and Natalie’s desire to encourage local makers and producers and their hard work and commitment to this cause is starting to pay off. It’s a place for locals and visitors alike to find some great eco-friendly alternatives to many commonly used day to day items such as drinking straws, kitchen scrubbers, brooms as well as refills for detergents, soap and so on. Definitely worth checking out if you are in town where they are conveniently located.

In case some of you may be wondering, I won’t be at the Balingup Small Farm Field Day on the 6th of April. I’m still convinced that half day monthly markets are good for me and keep me busy enough. So no big annual events for me. I’m also happy not to be travelling over an hour to get to a market destination. I’ll continue to have a local presence and develop my web presence for all you folks who are unable to get to where I am. Some of you know that I also juggle life as a homeschooling mum and having two in years 10 and 8 this year I find has been more involved as we delve into higher mathematical concepts on a regular basis.

I’m very excited to announce that soon I shall have access to some special organic Assam tea. Watch this space for more to come!

I’m also in the process of trialing a natural liquid conditioner and hope to have it out in the next few months. This is one of the aspects that I love about my work -the space for creativity and meeting people’s requests.

My next market will be the Bunbury Markets on the 6th of April. Hope to see you there!